Dufton Digital

Dufton Digital is a not for profit company with the aim of bringing high speed internet to Dufton at a reasonable cost. Our plan is to keep our install and subscription costs at a low level, and offer a good fast service.

Below are some of the points worth mentioning regarding Dufton Digital.

  • We have a fibre optic connection installed at our main site.
  • Our ‘backhaul’ is currently a 30Mbps symmetric fibre connection
  • We continue to expand our subscriber base and now can supply any location in the village

Currently the network is managed by David Main, but we would like to spread the workload and so if anyone who has an interest in IT / networking and would like to learn about the network and help with support then we would be delighted.

We would encourage feedback from subscribers in terms of any issues they are facing and any ideas for the future. You can contact us via duftondigital@gmail.com.

David Main & Phil Guest

(Directors of Dufton Digital)