Community Support


Whilst we want to respect the privacy of everyone in the village, we also want to make sure that no household is unsupported. At some point in the coming months many of us may require support as this epidemic continues.

If you have an e-mail address, and no one in your household has also received this notice by e-mail, please send your details to This is a dedicated e-mail for coronavirus updates and helps us minimise our leaflet drops around the village. If you don’t have e-mail, we will continue to update you via other means.

Buddy system

We are trying to connect households that need assistance with ones that can offer support.  If you need any help please leave your details by e-mail to or telephone 05603 875341 (this is a voicemail only number).

If you are already looking after a household, please let us know (via the details above) so we know that household is covered. If at any time you become unable to continue with this support, please let us know and we will pair them up with a new helper.

Useful numbers

For urgent issues you can contact one of the following councillors:

Anna Foot 07899 911361

David Main 07955 889481

Mike Parkin 07736 394509

Morgan Donnelly 07834 737669

Bulletins & Links

Cumbria County Council

CCC Covid-19 Support for High Risk Groups