Elizabeth Acland

Elizabeth lives on the edge of the Lake District National Park, and it is this Northern light together with the strong sculptural shapes of the mountains which inspire much of her work.

As a largely self taught artist, her painting style is instinctive and vital, reflective of her joy in the ever-changing colours of the Cumbrian skies, waters and fells, which she finds are best expressed in the fluidity of watercolour and ink. This pleasure in colour also lends itself well to her portfolio of flower painting, when again her loose and fluid style can produce vigorous work.

Peter Brown

After occasionally dabbling in painting, I only took it up as a hobby on retiring to Cumbria in 2005. My Wife Gill persuaded me to attend Sarah Colgate's Watercolour classes and I was hooked.I am a Member of the Gamblesby Art Group which keeps me focused. I am quite diverse both in medium & subject, Whatever I feel like at the moment.

I Exhibit at Langwathby Art Mart, Art in the Hills at Dufton,  Gamblesby & Culgaith Exhibitions..

Kate Durdy

Scenes from the beautiful area in which I live and the routine of  everyday life usually inspire my work. Most pieces have interweaving story lines, that develop as I work, helping me know what to include.

 These intricate collages use  recycled papers, paint, hand stitching, buttons and sparkle - a  life time of hoarding provides plenty of materials.

 I like people to look at my work, enjoy it and then want look again.

www.katedurdy.co.uk         facebook-Kate Durdy artist

Debra Esterhuizen

Debra is a self-taught professional Artist whose main medium is Felt. Debra gained a working knowledge about felt making whilst in Nepal many years ago and has since exhibited extensively across the UK with great success. More recently she has been commissioned by Jo- Berryman studio in London creating giant felt panels. One of Debra’s passions is travel in the Hebrides and it is here she takes inspiration for many of her landscapes as well as being inspired by the nature in her Eden garden. Debra’s love of hares is due to seeing them almost daily despite their declining numbers in the UK. Now with a new studio in Appleby and co-director of a community gallery, Debra continues to lead workshops in Felt Art both in schools and in her studio. Debra continues to pursue her studies in Art therapy and loves the alchemy of felt making as a therapeutic practice.

Sue Foster

Sue creates contemporary landscape paintings in acrylic using bold colours and patterns to capture the drama and beauty of the Lake District. Living on the slopes of Blencathra it is no coincidence that this iconic mountain has inspired many of her recent paintings. Sue and her work feature in Terry Abraham’s latest documentary film,  ‘Blencathra - the Life of a Mountain’.

Christina Hargraves

Born a farmer’s daughter in the fells of the North Pennines, Christina now lives in Lanercost just across the road from the Priory.

She draws inspiration for her art from her country background, having worked on the land as a sheperdess which developed her deep love of nature, animals and the countryside. She now loves working in her beautiful cottage garden and paddock, full of wild flowers, honey bees and a few chickens.

Mostly worked in a wet on wet technique, the watercolour paintings are in impressionistic floral style using mainly pastoral colours, creating an atmospheric pictorial image.   

David D Jackson

I was very fortunate to be born bred and buttered in Cumberland and my passion for landscape photography was ignited by two influences. The first, and most important, was my Dad. By lending me his old Agfa camera at the age of 13, setting up a makeshift darkroom and taking me up Latrigg in the dead of night to take a photo of the lights of Keswick, he introduced me to a wonderful hobby. The second element is the privilege of living in the Lake District at Castlerigg, surely one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Richard and Mary Kennedy

Mary and Richard live near Hethersgill in North Cumbria; Mary has a studio in the house, Richard has a workshop in the garden; visitors are most welcome, but should phone first.

Much of Mary’s painting is on wooden items, trays, boxes, frames etc, (made by Richard), and inspired by folk and decorative art. But she also does easel paintings, landscapes real and imaginary.

Richard is a furniture designer and maker, using Cumbrian hardwoods, specialising in desks, tables and cupboards, and unusual jewellery boxes. He also does woodcarving, making carved panels and drawer fronts, and stand alone panels and totems, often inspired by medieval carvings.

Jennifer Kirby

My education was in the sciences, so it wasn't until my sons were born that I started to teach myself how to draw and paint portraits.

When I was living in London, I had the opportunity to paint pastel portraits of a number of notable people as well as portraits of professionals and their children. I exhibited a few of my paintings including two still life pastels at the Mall Galleries.

I had polio as a baby and when my hand became too weak to grip a pastel, I changed to working in coloured pencil and acrylics.

I moved to Appleby and did many portraits in coloured pencil or graphite pencil.

About three years ago, I remembered being inspired by an artist who illustrated a biology magazine back when I was at school. I was particularly struck by a pen and ink drawing of a wolf's head so I bought some drawing pens of different types and experimented. I developed my own style combining pen and ink with touches of coloured pencil.

But my favourite subject is still portrait commissions in pencil or acrylics, both human and animal.

As a Buddhist, I use the principle of "discard the transient and reveal the true" to portray the personality of my subject.

Louise Lockwood

I live in a village at the foot of the Pennines where I paint, tend to my house and garden and walk the fells with my dog. It is these environments that are reflected in my art. I enjoy working from my imagination, using colour to create an emotional response, with less priority given to the detail. Titles for my work include; Mother and Child - The Last Fruit, Winters Garden, Podding the Purple Beans, Pear Chutney, Bird at its Nest, Arranging Flowers, Three Sheep - Full Moon

Jean Mason
I have lived in Cumbria for some time and recently joined the local Art Society.
The help and encouragement I received has given me the confidence to
enthusiastically paint portraits.

Tricia Meynell

Tricia is a fine art photographer specialising in abstract images which very often blur the distinction between photography and printing - almost (but not quite) painting. She does not use Photoshop to create her work, preferring to 'manipulate' images manually by processes such as printing onto acetate and spraying with water to create a painterly effect, or by simply printing two different images onto the same piece of paper to create an abstract image. Her camera is often used to 'paint' the subject by selecting colour and form and shooting in such a way that these two elements are rendered as a confusion of colour with just the merest hint of the reality behind them.

She exhibits regularly around Cumbria, is a founding member of The Pennine Artisans and also part of the Craftsmen at the Priory group who exhibit annually for the month of August at the medieval Dacre Hall, Lanercost. In the past she has exhibited in the USA, and has had work on sale in a London gallery. More of her work can be viewed on her website www.triciameynell.com

Dawn Mills

Dawn is an established artist in Cumbria. She has exhibited in many local exhibitions as well as various galleries including The Beacon in Whitehaven and Rheged. She has taken part in the Cumbria Open Studios for the past four years.

In this sample of her work Dawn aims to capture the beauty of birds based on hours of observation. She has a particular relationship with ravens. She depicts this mysterious and highly symbolic bird by studying its movement, and intensity of character through photography, drawing, painting and digital manipulation. This use of multi-media has created a diverse approach to portraying the depth and clarity of the beauty hidden within the birds' layered feathers.

After her Fine Art degree (BA Hons) in 1981 she trained and worked as a Homeopath and Bowen Practitioner establishing her own practice in Lancaster and Cumbria.

In 2007 she moved to St Bees Lighthouse in West Cumbria. The beauty and wildness of that environment inspired and re ignited her passion for painting

She was featured in a solo article ‘Art on the edge’ in the Cumbria Life magazine 2013.

For more information see www.dawnmillsart.com

Haydn Morris

I paint impressionistic oils and watercolours, inspired mainly by nature and man’s involvement with it. I express the excitement I feel about places I like.

For me, atmosphere is more important than too much detail. Leaving something to the imagination may stimulate you to engage with the work more closely and perhaps enjoy it more too.

Another reason for my impressionist approach is that I want to create an interesting composition in an abstract sense – through an appealing arrangement of colours, lines, tones and textures.

This leads me to move things around a little and perhaps change or exaggerate the colours – but I always aim to express the atmosphere and sense of place which I experienced.

Ann Mounsey

I am a member of Appleby Art Club. My work is mainly based on illustration and watercolour. I have displayed my work with other members of Appleby Art Club at the Tourist Information Centre at Appleby. In 2015, I exhibited artwork at Dufton Art in the Hills exhibition and will currently be displaying work at Warcop Arts and Crafts Show 2016. I also have pictures for sale at the Cloisters Artisan gallery at Appleby.

Ray Ogden

Ray is a printmaker and author/illustrator based in Culgaith in the Eden Valley. A graphic design graduate of Liverpool College of Art & the Royal College of Art he is a former B.B.C. Television designer, an art director and lecturer at Cumbria Institute of the Arts and Glasgow school of Art.

Working with digital, natural media, paint programmes, Ray mixes visual conventions, for decorative and creative effect. Playful graphic ideas and underlying abstract qualities underpin the seemingly figurative imagery of his work. Stylised bird and animal motif’s feature frequently, reflecting his interest in indigenous people’s art forms and the aesthetic of the Japanese print.

The full story, and a portfolio of images can be seen on Ray’s website, www.rayogden.com

Eddie Potts

My name is Eddie Potts. I live and work in Appleby, and as well as exhibiting in various galleries such as the Courtyard and Upfront, I also submit work to national exhibitions and competitions. I have over the years been a demonstrator for Derwent coloured pencils in Keswick and have won several prizes in the Cumbrian Open held at Upfront Gallery on an annual basis.

I mostly work in acrylics nowadays, but the subject can often determine which medium would suit it best.  Rather than landscapes, I tend to home in on detail within the landscape, seeking out speckled sunlit little nooks and crannies and anything decaying and covered in lichen, rust and peeling paint will draw me like a moth to a candle.

John Sibson

John works from a studio on the Pennine fellside in Hilton, near Appleby. He demonstrates and teaches around the North, and publishes his own giclee reproductions and cards in his studio.

John’s styles can be very different. His early development was in watercolours but more recently he is enjoying oils and acrylics.

In watercolours, capturing the sharper lines of buildings, boats, machines etc. amid the soft tones and shapes of the natural landscape has always been an aim.  

In oils and acrylics he enjoys a more free and colourful style, with palette knife work a significant feature. Summer School at the Slade in London contributed to this development

He has had many one man and shared exhibitions in galleries in Yorkshire and Cumbria and has sold in galleries as far afield as Scotland, Tyneside, Spain and New Zealand. In the past he has exhibited in The Mall Galleries in London, in the Royal Society of Marine Artists open exhibitions and has been a prizewinner in the Cumbria Artists Open Exhibition. Earlier Chairmanship of the Yorkshire Watercolour Society took his work to many locations including the Houses of Parliament.

John’s earlier career was in mining and minerals and although from a Cumbrian family he still gains inspiration from his travels which took him overseas to live in Canada, Wales, Yorkshire and the Highlands of Scotland and for a time in New Zealand.

Walking the fells and dales and love of sailing and the sea gives constant inspiration for subject matter. Marine and industrial subjects are a particular favourite.

He has no deep “artspeak” thoughts on his work – “I just paint what I see and how I see it”.

website www.johnsibson.co.uk - email :john@johnsibson.co.uk  Tel 017683 52145

David Sims

David’s work is mainly figurative, but he has recently re kindled his interest in abstraction. After obtaining a degree

In fine art, he pursued a long and successful career in graphic design/illustration. Twice recognised by the Royal Society

of  Arts for his contribution to design, he also lectured for the Design Council and won both national and international awards.

David was also an elected fellow of the Society of Chartered Designers.

He retired early to paint the Northern landscape in his distinctive style – building up layers of differing textures, mainly in gouache. He works without artistic pretention and hopes his work gives as much pleasure to the viewer, as it does to himself during it’s creation.

Sara Sylvester

I am self taught and have experimented with most mediums. My real favourite is to paint in oils but watercolour and pastels come a close second. 

I have always been influenced by what is around me.  So in Inverness it was big skies, big seas and fantastic sunsets; in Nottinghamshire it was the trees and now we are in Cumbria it is once again the amazing sky-scapes and ancient landscapes! The ever changing seasonal colours are wonderful.

In the past I have sold my work through several galleries in the Highlands and from various exhibitions - also in the Highlands - and the East Midlands.

I attend as many workshops as I can in order to learn or practice new and different techniques.

I love being able to put a smile on peoples' faces just by moving colours around!

Bill Taylor

A teacher and artist who has lived in the Eden Valley for many years, Bill has exhibited his work widely including:

Sunday Times Watercolour Exbn,      Mall Gallery

Britain's Painters                                    ,,      ,,

The Discerning Eye                                ,,      ,,

British Watercolour Society                Ilkley             Prize winner

Silver Longboat Exbn.,                          Darlington   prize winner

Centenary Open Exbn.,                         Bolton          prize winner

Cumbrian Open Exbn.,                          Up Front Gallery  prize winner

Laing Open Exbn.,                                  Newcastle

Teesside Contemporary Open            Middlesboro'

International Pastel Exbn.,                  Denver Colorado

Published work;

Painting Shapes and Edges                  Quarto Publications

Encyclopaedia of Watercolour Landscape   ,,       ,,

Art of Drawing and Painting                           ,,       ,,

Light in Watercolour                              Studio Vista

Painting in Gouache                                   ,,          ,,

Drawing Basics                                            ,,          ,,

Landscape Drawing and Painting         Readers' Digest

Lauren Terry

Lauren is a Yorkshire born artist specialising in colourful paintings of cows. With an agricultural background stemming from many summers on her Grandmother’s farm, Lauren has always had a strong bond with animals, especially cows.  “They have such strong characters and such an inquisitive nature that they make perfect subjects. I feel art should brighten a room and my cows never fail to make people smile, plus I have a great time gallivanting around in fields getting nice and dirty!”

Mostly self-taught, Lauren first began her journey with Lauren’s Cows back in 2011.  She longed for a view of the countryside in her then London kitchen, so painted a colourful portrait of a curious Shorthorn to keep her company. From this single painting and sheer good fortune, this one-off piece of art lead to her first exhibition of cow paintings in her home town of Scarborough. The success of this exhibition propelled Lauren into a brand new career as a full time cow artist. 

She paints in acrylic and most of her paintings are available in either limited or open edition prints.  With a studio in York, she has been a regular visitor to Crackenthorpe (Appleby-in-Westmorland) since childhood and still regularly visits what is now her parents’ home.  Her website is run from Crackenthorpe by Mum, Jude www.laurenscows.com

Simon Whalley

Simon is a professional photographer and writer. His work is primarily in the outdoors and highlights natural beauty and seeks to tackle environmental and social concerns. He has an MA in Photography and has published three books ‘Spirit of Hartside’, ‘Spirit of the Line’ and ‘Spirit of the Land’. He is based in the Northern Pennines and has a gallery at Brougham Hall, CA10 2DE. He can be contacted on 07968 095597; simon@simonwhalley.org His work can be viewed at www.simonwhalley.org

Art in the Hills 2016


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